Bow Hunting for Hogs or Boar

Hog Hunting with a Bow - Be it Russian Boar, Javelina, Feral Pig, Razorback or Just Wild Hogs

To get an idea of what this sport is like, read the following short story about a recent hunt. Was it all true? Can't say, but it was a published newspaper article...

On a ranch in Texas that shall remain nameless, we embarked on a bow hunt for "wild hog". Little did we know that this particular ranch had all varieties -- Russian Boar, Javelina and plain old wild hogs. And little did we know just how dangerous two of those breeds were. 

Stalking was the style and rugged brush was the territory. So now, not only did we have some mean strong hogs to worry about, but we also had rattlesnake concerns!

To shorten the story, let me just say we stalked for many hours killed NO hogs, but got scared out of our boots more than once. When you do find hogs, they are generally in groups, and getting close and spooking them can be scary -- they get loud, aggressive and swarm like little freight trains. And, if one gets cornered (like one did) they don't run -- they turn and prepare for battle. Not a situation one wants when carrying a bow!

I said we had no kills. We did target and hit several, but these beasts do not go down quickly or easily and we never did find them. Our guide said they likely lived to be hunted another day and that was a common occurrence.

Feral Pig


Russian Boar

Bow Hunting Wild Hog or Feral Pig

Some of the best bow hunting for hog is reported to be at these ranches:
For Feral Pig check out Langley Ranch, Texas. Texas boast the largest Feral hog population of any state in the nation and South Texas has the largest density per acre. In Texas, the Feral hog or pig is not protected and can be hunted day or night, by any means.

Real Boar vs. Wild or Feral Hogs

If you are truly interested in hunting wild Russian boar, be careful --  there are not that many ranches that actual support them and tend to call very large male Feral Hogs "Boars" -- not the same thing! A guide may even claim his hogs have a strong genetic tie to the Russian boar. That a nice way of saying they are not Russian Boar. All native Russian Boar are solid black. If you have one that is any other shade, it has been breeding with local Feral hogs.

Wild Russian boar usually have a straight tail, unlike the curly one of the feral hog. Their ears are hairy, erect and smaller than ferals. And Russian boar generally stand higher than his domestic cousin and is far more agile.


Remember that one of these animals targeted and hit by bow have the ability to move very quickly and aggressively and you will end up tracking your kill.
The amount of blood in a trail indicates how difficult the tracking task will be.
When you locate the downed animal and it is obvious that it is not dead, a second shot is often advisable to end the animal's suffering and prevent it from running again and possibly getting away. Approach downed hogs with care and caution. Sometimes the animal is only stunned, can recover, and then aggressively attack the approaching hunter. These animals have sharp tusks that enable them to inflict serious injury.

The majority of the time, boar run away from you, but they can be very dangerous if hurt or cornered. Sows that have piglets can be very aggressive and although their tusks are not as long as a boar's, she can still knock you down and draw blood. It was reported by a guide friend of ours that he saw a big old boar came out of the brush, grab a hunter by the arm and shake him like a toy rag doll. And stories tell of dozens of guys put in the hospital in critical condition by these monsters.

Bow hunt if you wish, but for safety, carry a big pistol.


Bow Hunting Real Russian Boar

South Carolina claims to have one of the countries largest Russian Boar populations and the likes of  Bostick Boar Hunting claim to offer some of the best trophy boar hunts. But again, they claim "these wild boar are offspring of Russian boar imported by our ancestors and released at Bostick Plantation several generations back.

Everyone also seems to want a big, old, ugly boar head on the wall. If a hog gets you down and hooks you with a tusk, they can kill you. They are aggressive, moody animals with teeth that are actually sharp on both sides, and pointed.

Big Tusks .com, in Canada claim to offer bow hunts for True European wild Russian and German boar. They say they offer safe hunting of young wild boar  to hunting for savage trophy wild boar for the thrill seekers.



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